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Mobile Phones - Questions & Answers

Having a Business Mobile Phone contract can save you money and offer lots of advantages to your business too.
  • Save Money – a Business Mobile Phone Contract is classed as a business expense so can be written off against Corporation Tax.
  • Reclaim VAT – if the mobile phone is purchased solely for your business, you can reclaim the VAT.
  • Benefit in Kind – you can give your employees a phone as benefit and there’s no tax for the company or employee as it’s a Benefit in Kind.
  • Get more work done – you and your employees can use their Smart Phone wherever they are, access emails and systems, making the company more efficient.
  • Switch off – you can keep work and home life separate; your phone can be turned off.
  • One Bill – you can setup all contracts under a single bill with one provider
In most cases, the cost of a Business Mobile Phone Contract is about the same cost as a Personal Mobile Phone Contract, the provider normally quotes the prices excluding VAT as you can reclaim the VAT or a portion of it if you are VAT registered.
The short answer to this is from 1 to infinity – there’s no limit to the number you can take out. There are options if you are the only employee or you are a huge company with thousands of employees, and you wanted to give them all a Mobile Phone Contract.
As a Small Business, it’s vital for you and your employees to be able to keep in touch with Business Contacts and each other. But it’s not just about keeping in touch these days, smart phones bring us email, website browsing, being able to login to business websites, CRM systems and access reporting tools.

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Bhubble is a hub of expert knowledge for Small Businesses. We find you the best deals so you can quickly & easily save money.

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Bhubble was setup to help businesses to make it quicker & easier to compare prices. We’ve run multiple businesses and have purchased these products ourselves so know how long it takes to setup these products & services.